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Contribution to ELSAH: Project coordination, development of inkjet-deposited hydrogel-based biofunctional layers, system integration


DirectSens GmbH


Contribution to ELSAH: Development of direct electron transfer (DET) enzymes, DET enzyme assay development


German Sport University Cologne

Contribution to ELSAH: End-user validation of the ELSAH-patch


Imperial College London

Contribution to ELSAH: Development & validation of microneedle-based electrochemical dermal interstitial fluid biosensors


Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Contribution to ELSAH: Development of an integrated microchip for biosensor control, data analysis and wireless communication


Centro Technológico LEITAT

Contribution to ELSAH: Development of printed electronics (ELSAH-patch interconnects & antennas), Life cycle assessment of the ELSAH-patch


LykonDX GmbH

Contribution to ELSAH: Exploitation of the ELSAH-patch for healthcare and well-being


Sanmina Ireland Unlimited Company

Contribution to ELSAH: ELSAH-patch integration, patch applicator development, regulatory guidance


Saralon GmbH

Contribution to ELSAH: Development of an eco-friendly printed battery to power the ELSAH-patch


Tyndall National Institute

Contribution to ELSAH: Development of microneedles for dermal interstitial fluid biosensing based on flexible material technology